Michael J. Canzoniero Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist and

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." 
                -Joseph Campbell

I'm Michael J. Canzoniero and this is my website. From here if you’re interested in learning more about me as Dr. Canzoniero or as "Drdive" you can go to the Dr. Canzoniero or Drdive pages I’ve set up . 

Michael J. Canzoniero



     I was born in the Bronx where my pablum was New York Yankee statistics. My first heroes were the legendary Bronx Bombers: Ruth, Gehrig, and DiMaggio. As a young child I devoured anything and everything written about them, especially anything penned about Babe Ruth. As a teenager all I cared about was the daily "stats" of Mantle, Berra, and Ford. I fantasized about one day playing in Yankee pinstripes. Alas, I never got to play in Yankee Stadium, the "House that Ruth built". Some would say I was not good enough. I like to think the Fates intervened. As a young man I saw one too many of my baseball playing friends get hooked on heroin. Instead of becoming a ballplayer, I decided to become a psychologist and for the last thirty-five years I have worked with drug and alcohol abusers both in school systems and in private practice. I have treated both the abuser and his/her family. My experience has made me an expert on the subject of alcoholic/dysfunctional families and the roles children are fated to play if they have the misfortune to grow up in one.


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